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One Year Home


Has it already been more than a year? Some days it feels so much longer and, other days, it has flown by! We arrived back in the US on June 10th last year, so this summer has brought all sorts of nostalgia for us. We're finally to a point where we can say "remember when we did this last year" to JP. I know it's been quite some time since I've writt...

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A Year of Blessings


As I reflect on all that there is to be thankful for this year, I am brought to tears by the goodness of my God. He has truly blessed our family beyond words. This time last year we felt God had something big in store for us in the month of November. Big, indeed. November marks one-year from getting "the call" – the one we had so prayerfully been a...

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Faith and Fun


And before we knew it – fall was upon us! Where has the past nearly two months gone? It's so hard to believe how quickly time goes by now that we're united. As we expected, school kicked our butts the past few months. Even though we knew it would be an adjustment, it has been more challenging than we anticipated. JP positively loves school and come...

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Goodbye Summer, Hello School


Wow – where to begin? It's been just over a month since I had time to last post a blog, and so much has happened in that month. For fun, we were able to squeeze in a day at the zoo in July and some fun in the splash pad at our local park a few times. JP loved the zoo! His favorite animals were the snakes and the lion (although we didn't get to...

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Settling Into New Rhythms


Mabuhay (welcome/hello)! So, one thing has proven true each day we have been home - time seems to fly as new parents. We have officially been united as a family for six weeks and been home in the US for five weeks. Ben and I often comment to ourselves that it feels like longer and shorter all at the same time. We have tried to be very intentional o...

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