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Read First: Why Song-Based Devotionals?


Music has always held a special place in my life.It is such a tremendous part of my everyday life. On a daily basis, I turn to music to fill the quietness, overcome the difficulties, and rejoice in the celebrations. I grew up singing in school and church choirs. Nowadays, you'll find music on each day in my office and most days at home in the evening. Even as I write this, I am listening to music.

Music is such a special thing. Each lyric can hold such deep meaning. Each note can stir such deep emotions.

For me, music is a core reminder of my faith. When I talk about always having music on, well in my life today, that music is almost always Christian music. And you'll often find me singing along, unashamed of how silly I might look or sound – even in my car or office. 😊

I truly believe that music can be a way for God to speak to us in our everyday life. I believe the Holy Spirit can use music to minister to our hearts and to encourage us in our walk with Christ.

For all of those reasons, I have come to see music as a way to worship God. But I mean worship in an even deeper meaning than just singing. For me, worship is connecting my life with the life of Jesus Christ. I believe songs, lyrics, melodies, harmonies, etc. can help us connect with Christ in a deeper way, by pointing us to His Word and, thus, growing our relationship with Him.

My church, Lee's Summit Community Church, puts worship as one of the three core commitments to our mission: Taking Steps to Know and Become Like Jesus. Quite frankly, I couldn't put it any better than that.

For many years now, I've heard an ever so faint nudging, almost like a whisper, leading me to create daily devotionals based upon Christian songs. I believe God is calling me to help others who have an inclination towards music – to use those songs as a way to grow in relationship with Him. My hope in these devotionals is that each person who checks one out ends the devotional feeling their relationship with God has grown even just a bit. I don't know what circumstances you might be going through or have already gone through, but I pray through the lyrics, songs, and questions of these devotionals that you might experience God's strength, comfort, and love. Please know that as I write each of these devotionals, I am constantly praying over each and every one of you who may take the time to check one out.

Let me preface all of these coming devotionals with one key disclaimer: I am not a seminary-trained individual. I will be studying several commentaries throughout each devotion, but I still have a long way to go in my own knowledge and understanding of God. For any error I might make, I ask God and each of you for forgiveness and mercy.

Let me end by thanking my amazing husband, Ben. He's already become my tried and true editor of all these devotionals. 😊 He's also created all the amazing graphics you'll see in the coming devotionals. Am I blessed or what? Ben truly is a God-send in this project for me, but also in my life. Thank you, Ben, for always loving, supporting, and encouraging me in my endeavors.

P.S. To anyone who would like to volunteer to help edit future devotionals before they go live, please let me know!!! I struggle with burdening others by asking for their help, but I could definitely use it!