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Our Christmas Miracle


Mabuhay (welcome/hello)!

It's happened – we got "the call!" God has given us our very own Christmas miracle. We couldn't be more excited to announce that we have officially accepted a match. We've been told by our adoption agency this is one of their fastest matches. Their normal process takes about 2-3 years to match a family and we received our match in just shy of 11 months! We can feel God's blessing throughout our entire journey.

While we're restricted in what we can share at this stage, we can share the newest Seidel family member will be an 8-year old boy, "JP" (not his real name). We couldn't be more excited for what God has in store for our family and our son!

As many of you are aware, we had originally begun this journey intending to adopt a sibling set. We've prayerfully and faithfully taken each step of this process at the direction of our faithful Lord, seeking His perfect will and plan. Because of that, we trust that He has positioned us exactly in this place and point in time for our son. Since being matched, we've both individually received confirmation from God that JP is our son. God willing, maybe someday down the road, a sibling set will also be part of the plan.

Now we begin the journey of bringing our son home. Stay tuned to next month's blog where I will go into the process a bit more in depth. Suffice it to say, it's a lengthy process. We're told to expect 5-7 months until we get to bring JP home. Given the COVID-19 world we live in right now, that could be even longer with even more hurdles. Regardless, we enthusiastically await meeting JP in person and bringing him home.

Our prayer request this month – Lord, please make the process of bring our son home quick! We are so ready to love on him and get to know him. Help JP feel our love as we all await our meeting. Please guide us in completing each step in the process quickly, thoroughly, and without any troubles. Continue to bless this adoption. Love on JP for us. Put a supernatural hope within him while he waits.

Until next time – all our love!