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Nothing Else


Song written by: Cody Carnes, Hank Bentley, Jessie Early
Performed by: Cody Carnes 

Welcome! Where to begin this week?...

This song came to me very early on in the global pandemic of the coronavirus. One evening during a time to myself, locked up in the dark of my room after enjoying some time of Holy Yoga, I found myself entering a prolonged time of merely basking in Jesus' presence and worshiping Him in song. It was one of those times of knowing deep within my soul that He truly was right there with me. And a profound sense of gratitude filled my heart. One of the songs He brought into that moment was Nothing Else. There are so many songs lately that have spoken to me about the presence of the Lord in our lives…but this one just struck a nerve that I couldn't quite shake. Yet again, God spoke to me through a song – this song. From that moment, I knew I needed to do a devotional on the song.

I often find myself so busy, flitting from one thing to the next, that I don't settle long enough to truly recognize and embrace the presence of Jesus in my life. Worse yet, when I do take time for Him, I bring my agenda and my desires – I seek a transaction, rather than a relationship. How I wish that weren't true. Yet, I find hope in knowing that Jesus loves me even now and the Holy Spirit is working in me to grow my relationship with Him. He's not done yet. Thank the Lord! 😊 This song and the scriptures we explore this week speak to all those things.

Although the song simmered in the back of my heart throughout quarantine and the weeks since, I didn't feel quite ready to write the devotional until just recently. God wasn't done cooking yet, you could say. When I sat down to write this devotional, the words just flowed all in one afternoon. A flow beyond my own comprehension or abilities. As I mentioned several devotionals ago, I can sense strongly the Lord placing on me an innate longing that I would recognize the power of His presence and that others too would be brought to that recognition. Because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4). That single, profound truth brings tears to my eyes even as I write it. What more do we need? He's in me, He's in you – and He's greater than the world. Nothing else is needed, nothing else will do. Jesus, I just want you.

I'm not sure I have many more profound thoughts beyond that on this song. But I am praying that the Holy Spirit speaks profoundly to you this week through this song. I pray that you strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father. May you find true joy and a longing fulfilled in His presence.

If you would enjoy some insight on the writing of this song from the performer, Cody Carnes, I encourage you to read a post he wrote about it.

PS – If you've never heard of Holy Yoga, check it out – it's become an important part of my spiritual and physical journey in 2020. I highly recommend it!