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Come To The Table


Song written by: Ben McDonald, Dave Frey, Ben Glover
Performed by: Sidewalk Prophets

Welcome, beloved, to our third weekly devotional! As Paul put it in 1 Corinthians 1:4, I always thank God for you. Truly, I begin each new devotional praying over each individual who may take the journey with me to grow in relationship with Jesus through these songs and these scriptures.

Growing up, a meal at a table was an act of community, fellowship, and love. Dinner was always important in our family. Over the years, I have come to recognize that just the simple act of coming together allowed relationships to grow.

So, for me, "Come To The Table" is an amazing reflection of the fellowship and relationships we can build and grow sitting at table. Sometimes in our busy world of freaky fast dinners, or in our distracting world of eating in front of the TV, we lose sight of the fellowship grown at the table. At least, I know I can. To not fall prey to busy-ness and distractions, I wrote each daily devotional for this song while sitting on the floor at a coffee table to remind me of the tables Jesus would have sat at in His day. I certainly had the creature comforts of today's world – my cup of coffee, fire in the fireplace, and, of course, my laptop – but even in the act of sitting on the floor at a table, I could feel the presence of my Savior right next to me. He invited me into the scriptures we study this week. He spoke new things into my life, and I pray He does the same for you. If you can, I invite you to spend this week doing your devotional at a table…that can be your dinner table, on the floor at your coffee table, whatever table works for you!

As I worked my way through the devotional this week, I could feel God placing a strong desire on my heart that each of you, His beloveds, would grow your relationship with Him. That you would accept His invitation. Oh beloved, today I pray to our perfect friend and healer that He would speak to you this week and show you the beautiful intimacy He offers you. Come to His table and let Him set you free. Let redemption wash over you.